How do I become a supplier on PrestoDirect?

  • Step 1:

Click on "Get started"

  • Step 2:

Fill in and submit the required details & documents

  • Step 3:

Key in your payment card details and promotion code (if you have one)

  • Step 4:

Allow 7 working days for the verification and approval of your submitted documents and information

  • Step 5:

Once your application is approved, a subscription fee will be charged on your payment card

How much is the subscription fee?

The subscription fees is at RM500 per annum

Product Registration

How can I upload my products to the site?

  • Option 1:

Select 'Upload Product' from the supplier admin page. You'll be able to list a small number of products one at a time

  • Option 2:

Download the attached Excel file with the data model and insert your products' details. Once completed, upload the Excel file and add your products to the site

How many products can I upload to PrestoDirect?

There are no limits set at the moment. You can decide on the the quantity according to your product category

Can I update the product prices and quantity?

Yes, you will be able to update your products' prices and quantity at any time

How long does it take for my products to get approved?

It usually takes 72 hours for your products to be approved. However, the time may be extended during special circumstances (like long weekends and holidays)

Logistics & Storage

What logistics can I use to deliver my goods?

PrestoDirect supports most countries in the world.

Do you provide warehouse storage and pick & pack fulfillment services?

Yes, you are free to stock your goods at our selected warehouses. All pick & pack services will be handled by our warehouse partners

After Sales

How should I deal with a buyer's return request?

When a buyer requests for a return, the suppllier will address the request within 24 hours. PrestoDirect will assist in the return arrangement

The return shipping cost is dependent on the product's terms of purchase and the buyer shall bear the cost of shipping if the purchased product is not entitled for free returns

How should I deal with a buyer's refund request?

Unshipped orders: The buyer may apply for order cancellation on the order page. After the order is cancelled, the system will automatically refund the buyer in full

Shipped orders: The buyer should raise the request to apply for partial or full refund. When both the buyer and supplier agree to it, the system will automatically refund the buyer


When will I receive payment from the buyer?

You will be paid after a maximum of 15 days when the buyer has confirmed the delivery. It is also dependent on the payment terms agreed with PrestoDirect